Loop Reins

 We make quality leather reins in a few classic designs. Made out of premium cowhide, either vegetable tanned bridle leather or herman oak, our reins are both flattering and functional. They are cut from the full length of a cowhide, which is generally around 7 to 8 feet long and are very well oiled to produce a 'used' feel for your own comfort and enjoyment. 

We  make quality woollen reins in both looped and split styles. Initially designed for use in the Stockmans Challenge, Extreme Cowboy Challenge, and Polocrosse disciplines, these reins are extremely versatile and adaptable to any situation including pleasure riding and trekking. They have the same feel as a mecate without the added length that a full length mecate would provide. Our woollen reins are nicely weighted, with leather slobbers at the end, and can be attached to a bit with either leather ties or clips according to your preference. These reins can withstand whatever conditions you throw at them! 

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