Under each mecate pattern you will see many colourways available.

We have over 230 different mecate designs and patterns that we have made over the last four years.  We have showcased the most popular of these, here for you to see. (We are updating this collection as images are made ready.)

Design is our specialty and we can create blends to coordinate with your horse and gear.

All of our mecates are made from 100% New Zealand wool, grown on our steep hills and wide open green pastures. New Zealand is the best place for growing sheep and our wool rates as being the best in the world. The Romney sheep breed has the longest staple length of wool, that is, the length from the animal to the end of the fibre.

Tested strength, fibre longevity and integrity is the highest in this breed of sheep. 

Wool works with the environment. it is a natural fibre, it is renewable, resilient and elastic, climatically responsive, and does not promote bacterial growth.

To put it simply, we grow the best wool in the world.

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