In the old tradition of using materials at hand, our mecates are all twisted out of New Zealand Romney sheep wool.
New Zealand wool is renowned as being the best in the world, and we export our wool all over the globe, from Europe, to Asia, to the United States. Romney wool, in particular, has a long staple length and one of the highest average fiber diameters, meaning that it is strong and very durable. Wool works with the environment. It is a natural fibre, it is renewable, resilient, and elastic. Wool is also climatically responsive, and does not promote bacterial growth.
Our mecates are like no other, with their subtle painterly appearance, their versatility, and durability. These mecates are capable of braving the indecisive New Zealand weather, from extreme heat and humidity, to wind, rain, sleet, and snow. They are soft in the hand, yet still textured enough to be felt on the horses neck. We enjoy working alongside our customers to create unique colour combinations and blends, and love to experiment ourselves. With our background in fine arts, we have a sensitive understanding of colour and are able to interpret nature and designs, and wool is a fantastic medium for artistic expression! Most recently we have been producing a range of variegated mecates, that blend and shift between colours along the length of the rope. 
All the mecates are numbered and stamped.
We hope you enjoy the mecates on this page, and are inspired and excited by the possibilities as we are.

We have compiled a collection of information we think it might be useful to know about tying and general care of your mecate HERE

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